Grizzly Bear and Cub

After lunch on day four of our trip to Yellowstone National Park we were heading back out when we came across a large crowd of people, which could only mean one thing, wildlife was in sight. Was it an Elk? Wolf? or maybe even a bear. Bingo! It was a Grizzly mother and her cub walking around in this relatively open area. And they were close! With no park rangers yet on the scene, some foolish folks were getting a little too close to the wild mother and child. Other people tried to warn them they should stay back. But people can be stupid always thinking it won’t happen to them. Fortunately, the adult bear, with her cub not far behind, began to walk deeper, and away from us, into the field. A couple of rangers soon arrived on site and began to control the crowd. As for us, we stayed close to our vehicle, letting our telephoto lens get up close, ready to jump in the SUV if the grizzly mother got too close. Below is one of the shots I took. Unfortunately, the surrounding scenery is not very attractive but you cannot be choosy when this kind of opportunity comes around. Grizzly Bear and Cub-Fixed123-1-CR


~ by John Greco on June 28, 2014.

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