Spring Yellowstone Trip

Just back from a five-day shooting trip in Yellowstone Park. We saw more than 25 various animals and birds including Big Horned Sheep, Black Bears, some with cubs. Also Yellow Bellied Marmots, Rams, Grizzly Bears and cubs, Elk, Mountain Blue Birds, Yellow Headed Blackbirds, new born Cliff Swallows and a Beaver among other wildlife. The highlight thou was seeing a female Moose who recently gave birth to a calf. The mama Moose unfortunately misjudged the distance of the river she was attempting to cross and gave birth on a small little landfill in the middle of a river. The calf now was about 4 or 5 days.  On the day we were there, the mama began to lead the very young calf across the river toward the main land. Almost making it all the way across, the calf got caught in the currents and began to be swept away. Fortunately, the baby regained her ability to swim and made it back to the small landfill of an island. Mama followed and they both, stressed out, went lay down and rest.  They would probably attempt the crossing again on the following day, hopefully with successful results.

Below is one of the photos I took. I have not adjusted this shot in my software so it is a little dark but I just wanted to share something until I begin working on my other shots.



~ by John Greco on June 6, 2014.

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