River Otters at the Grand Tetons

This was an unexpected shot. We (two others and myself) discovered an animal carcass on a patch of land by a semi-dried up river. Hoping that, as the sun sets, wolves would come out and feast on the remains of the dead animal we stayed low on the ground and quiet for close to three hours. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, these six otters popped up out of the river right in front of us. They stopped looked around, dived, resurfaced, dived and swan off further down the river. It was one those unexpected and adrenalin moving moments that made the three-hour wait worth it. As for the wolves, they never appeared but a lone coyote did show, nibbled a bit, got scared and took off.

River Otters_DSC_0704_CR


~ by John Greco on October 22, 2013.

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