Eagle Preening

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Sandhill Crane Colt

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Sandhill Crane Chick - 1 CW-1Photographed this Sandhill Crane Colt last week at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. This young one was no more than for or five days old.

American Oystercatchers at Fort Desoto Park

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American Oystercatchcer No 2_DSC_7155_CW-1

Long Eared Owl – Skagit County, Washington

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Long Eared Owl_DSC8284_CW-1

Remains – Boundary Bay in British Columbia

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Boundary Bay Regional Park- B.C.-1

Cellphone Photography: Sandhill Crane

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This Sandhill Crane was photographed at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary near Vancouver B.C. If you are ever in the area, it’s a great place to spend a day.

Sandholl Crane- Vancouver-IMG_1494

Great Grey Owl at Reifi Bird Sanctuary

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This Great Grey Owl has for the past month been almost a daily visitor at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary located just outside of Vancouver, B.C. He becomes active, hunting for food, in the very late afternoon as the sun comes down. The face is not as completely sharp as I would have liked, but I like the burred motion of his wings giving the illusion of motion.

Great Grey Owl_DSC8145-1


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