Autumn Landscape

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Autumn Landscape-CW-1

Leaves of Autumn

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Leaves of Autumn

A Florida Sunset (Cellphone Photography)

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Autumn Walk

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Autumn Walk

Autumn in New England

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Autumn in New England-CW-1

This river runs underneath the White Mountains National Forest Covered Bridge.

Colors of Autumn

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I recently returned from a four-day trip to New Hampshire and while we, my wife and I, were fortunate enough to get there close to or at peak season, the weather did not cooperate fully. Temps were comfortable (60’s), but except for a few hours one afternoon in the White Mountains the sun was nowhere to be seen. Not, from a photographic POV, necessarily bad, but it would have helped at times in capturing the brilliance in the colors of the leaves. This photo was taken in the White Mountains.

Colors of Fall_DSC6351-CW-1

Danger Zone

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Danger Zone Final CR


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